Fresh Air. Issue 02.

Free-Styling With Luke Sappington

Luke Sappington is one of our favorite athletes, for many reasons. He's young, but his state of mind is far ahead of his age. Luke's ability to conquer new skills and exceed in his love of skiing is almost unimaginable. We promise that if you ever get a change to meet Luke, he make you feel just as in love with life as he is. A true Visitor. 

Photo by Jason Heney



1) How did you get started in skiing?

When I was very young, my dad put me on skis before I could actually walk. I skied most of my life, and it is a large part of me now.


2) What does it look like to look back from when you started to ski to where you are now? Do you feel like you’ve progressed?

 When I look back on my childhood skiing days, I am glad I chose to pursue the sport. There are so many ways to tie my creativity, my energy, and my focus into my riding. Progression is a never-ending path of experience, and guts.  You have to be willing to try the unknown. 


3) How has skiing changed your state of mind? Do you apply anything you’ve learned in skiing to your daily life?

Skiing really opened my eyes to new adventures, amazing places to see, and new things to try.  I apply a lot of my attitude from my skiing into my everyday life to show focus, and determination. 


4) Can you describe what its like to be on the mountain and in your element?

I feel so small when I stand on top of a huge mountain ridge. I have a lot of respect for the mountains that I get to ride. I feel like skiing is one of my outlets that lets me really connect with the outer world, and really experience the solitude.  I find myself standing silent at the peak, and feel an overwhelming urge to find out what's really on the other side. 


5) What does “fresh air” mean to you?

Fresh air means the feeling of wind hitting my face on top of a mountain peak.  Fresh air means the rush of flying down a run going as fast as you can.  Fresh air means the satisfaction of knowing that connecting with your surroundings is as easy as taking the first step outside. I will always be an outdoors person, because there are endless journeys to take, and endless feelings to experience. 


6) How do you want to progress as an athlete?

As an amateur/pro freeskier, I want to progress mainly with the way I ride both park, and all-mountain.  I always loved using features in the park.  Hitting kickers that take you fly is such a surreal feeling to take on.  I want to progress with my tricks, my focus, and my comfort, to apply my style and attitude the best way I can for my riding. 


7) What's your favorite moment you’ve had while skiing?

My favorite moment so far on skis, is landing my double flips consistently. Learning new tricks is always a scary thing to go through, but with time, practice, and determination, we are able to accomplish very amazing things. 


8) Can you tell us a little about what it's like to be part of the skiing community?

Being a part of the skiing community is eye opening in some aspects, but in others, there are so many directions I could take with what I've learned so far.  I will always be a part of the ski community, because what I do is something that has an attachment to my life, my soul, everything I am. This sport helped me develop a lifestyle that really makes me aware of my actions. Being mindful of what I am actually capable of, and how far I can push my own limits is something I will always carry with me. My years of riding are just the start of something amazing.  The ski community is like a giant family, everyone keeps an eye on each other. I have seen unbelievable amounts of support pour from our community, because a lot of us share the same bond, the attraction of adrenaline, and non-stop adventures!