Fresh Air. Issue 02.

Fixed On Sunday Strong

We The Visitors would like to introduce the more incredible bike team. Sunday Strong is a group of athletes going against all odds and expectations. Riding on all fixed gear bikes, Sunday Strong works as a team to climb the steepest mountains in Denver. Not only are they amazing athletes, but they are the a tight knit group of friends. They support each other no matter what. 

It came together through the love of cycling. We are entrepreneurs, students, technicians, mechanics, baristas and humans. We are dedicated to building a better life for ourselves and everyone around us. We wear street clothes riding up the hills of Colorado on our fixed gear bikes because we defy all odds and expectations. Our kits are mismatched custom to our own individual needs and style. And even after a long day of work, we will always push for a ride, whether by ourselves or the golden times we can all ride out together. We are Sunday Strong.


A track bike is generally a lighter frame (15-18 pounds), one speed and most importantly, the rider must always be pedaling forward (or backwards). Endurance, cadence, breathing are some qualities you can discover about yourself while riding a fixed gear bike. It is also easier to work on as there is no break and one gear ratio. As it is optimized for the track or velodrome, the tires are narrow with a high PSI of at least 100. Gliding through the streets is truly a zen experience as the rider must flow with every external urban factor in order to make the next move. 


Sunday Strong is a track bike group based in Denver Colorado. In the year that the group has formed, they transplanted riders to other states including Massachusetts and Georgia. They also co-created with Chrome to bring a monthly roller party to the local hub store where new and old riders can come try out and sweat it out on the rollers. Social media is implemented on a daily basis to plan rides, events, and share news on bike gear. As the name implies, every Sunday there is a group ride ranging from 30-60 miles with hills, sprints, and good vibes always guaranteed. From beginning to end, the group stays with each other, always pushing each other to be the best person they can be. And through this group and year of riding with one another, something phenomenal has occurred.


The team realized that they could and are on equal levels as all the famous riders in magazines or at big races. And in fact, with the proper amount of dedication and determination, the dream of racing the same events would occur. So that's exactly what Sunday Strong has set out to to do: compete in Red Hook, Wolf Pack Hustle, Sun Devil and other fixed gear criterium events around the country. The goal of Sunday Strong is to not only compete and place, as well as make a name for local Denver which has always been a cycling city. Cycling is a community that includes every type of rider and bike, and the love of two wheels brings us all together. It provides the right amount of uncomfortableness to push and redefine the limits of the mind and body through every pedal stroke and breath.


And not taking life too seriously is key for Sunday Strong. It is possible to dominate Lookout Mountain while smiling. Even through every sprint and hustle, one can always be courteous and respectful to riders and walkers alike. If there is a good attitude, a good outcome will appear. And when there is a team that is filled with that level of achievement, so much is possible. Sunday Strong brings this level of dedication to being both on and off the bike. Wherever the path may lead, they are ready because the track bike has prepared them to go with the flow. Personal growth has included leadership skills, career shifts, and confidence. 


Sunday Strong encourages bike lovers from all over the world to find a group of people in the local area with shared visions and goals and to ride together. Through rain, snow or sun, be a support for another person to get on a bike. Everyone wins when there is biking involved. Rides can be a few miles or a weekend long trip. Be open and honest when communicating the needs and wants of every person in the group, on and off the bike. There is always something to be learned. And it might even just change your life.


Article by Kristyn Wade, member of Sunday Strong