Fresh Air. Issue 02.

We The Visitors experiencing TOPO DESIGNS

A true outdoor company is one that creates a community of people that love outdoors and want to use that company's products. Topo Designs is an experience within itself. When you see the deep, saturated colors of their bags and apparel line, you can't wait to try them out.  The products are designed so you don't feel cluttered or overwhelmed on your outdoor adventure.   

When I got my first Topo bag, I knew functionally had become part of my day. As I was getting ready that morning, I looked at the bag and wondered what I could fit into it.  Was it going to look okay filled with all my things?  Maybe it will be so hard to get in and out of it I'd get tired of using it?  I decided to take it for a test run, and not just any test run.  My Topo Design bag was going with me on one of my adventures to see how well it could keep up. 

I flew to Puerto Rico with the Mountain Pack and the Cosmos Pack. Imagine a week in a country that has the jungle, city, mountains, and ocean.  My bags had their work cut out for them. From walking in the city to hiking up waterfalls, these bags were literally supporting me in every way. Even the sand at the beach never stuck to the material.  I was even able to adjust all the straps while hiking through the rainforest, and I was able to function easily and quickly through a fast-paced city. 

Visitors was able to experience what Topo Designs truly stands for. We feel proud to wear their Colorado-made products no matter where we travel.

Photography by Gabriel Ortiz. Article by Lydia Claussen 

Topo Designs: